Ensuring your digital design thrives with customised solutions.

Enhance Efficiency, Cut Costs

Our bespoke containment solutions, powered by German-designed MODULAN, optimise airflow, reduce energy consumption, and enhance cooling efficiency, ensuring your data centre operates at peak performance.

Tailored Flexibility & Precision Modelling

Versatility Meets Precision

Our containment systems are engineered with adaptability at their core, seamlessly fitting any rack and server configuration. With meticulous precision modelling using state-of-the-art 3D technology and laser analysis, we design bespoke solutions tailored to your data hall's unique requirements. Experience the freedom of multi-layered cable routing integrated within the structure, eliminating unsightly add-ons and optimising space utilisation.

Efficiency Amplified & Enhanced Cooling Performance

Optimal Efficiency, Maximum Cooling

Unlock unparalleled efficiency with our four-factor approach, delivering up to 40% reduction in air conditioning costs. From achieving higher flow temperatures to maximising cooling unit utilisation, our solutions revolutionise energy consumption in data centres. Experience enhanced cooling performance with optimised airflow management, ensuring every server receives cold air at the perfect temperature. With reduced air volume and lower fan speeds, our containment solutions provide a sustainable, cost-effective solution for modern data centres.